Website Instructions

Website Templates

Template Description
home This is used for the homepage.
content This is used for all content pages.
detail This is used for search results, sitemap, blog articles and calendar event pages.
login This is only used for the login page/login. This has login/logout fields on it.
web_admin This is used for all administration pages e.g.  /header-socials
web-browser-support Only used for the /browser-support page. This is shown to people using IE8 or below.

Default Image sizes:

    Main Slider - Home:    1663 x 762 

    Main Slider - Other Pages:    1204 x 420 

Footer :

   Contact us information

    Information from this section can be  edited on the following page /Contact-Us-Footer . Please mantain the same zone order to avoid                           breaking this section.


Homepage :   

   Photogallery (Available on all pages)

     In order to add photogallery support you need to add at least one image into the main slider at top.

     In order to change the photogallery default image overwrite the image from the folder :

    /MainFolder/default-images/default-banner.jpg . Don't change the name or the image format.


   Important Notice

    Important Notice content can be added on the following page /Important-Notice . To activate the important notice simply add the tag important-notice to Page         Settings.


   Home Calendar

    The settings of the calendar should be set to : How would you like the Date format - Should be set to "dddd d MMM yyyy" this will allow the events to be                 displayed on the homepage


   Header SOcials

    Header Portals can be edited on the following admin page /Header-Socials .Maximum 2 social links can be added.

   Welcome from the headteacher

    The welcome from the headteacher message is added using the content template named Headteacher Welcome . Just  click on the templates icon form  the left       hand side of the   Styles  dropdown and select Headtheacher Welcome


    3 Quicklinks

    The 3 quicklinks that appear everywhere on home,content,login and detail templates can be edited on the following admin page 3-quicklinks

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