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We provide an exciting curriculum that prepares children to become active members of society. We aim to inspire all of our pupils, to rise to the challenges that will enable them to develop the skills and personal qualities they need, in order to embrace the future with confidence. St Vincent’s has consistently high standards of achievement. This high achievement is a result of outstanding teaching and learning, hard work from the pupils and support from parents.  

We use Ten Ten to teach Relationship and Health Education, a Catholic scheme approved by the diocese.

If you would like additional information about the curriculum please speak to your child's teacher.



Oscar Romero was the archbishop of San Salvador (capital city of El Salvador in Central America) from 1977 until he was murdered in 1980. He was officially made a saint in 2018.

During his three years as archbishop, he continually spoke out against violence within El Salvador. There was heavy press censorship at the time and Romero’s radio broadcasts were often the only way the truth about the violence was told. He is an extremely important figure for us to learn from, since he did not simply talk about loving your neighbour, but put God’s words into action. Romero is remembered for standing up for the people in El Salvador.

Below is an image of Oscar Romero along with our class display demonstrating our learning.


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