St Vincent’s curriculum provides excellence in learning. We work relentlessly to ensure all our children are ready for the next stages in their education.

St Vincent’s is privileged to have a high reputation as top education league table performer in our community and beyond. This is achieved because we provide an outstanding grounding in basic skills including reading, writing, spelling, grammar, mathematical understanding and confidence in the expressive arts (i.e. musical performances).

We use a rigorous and robust ongoing assessment to ensure our children are appropriately challenged and thus they achieve exceptionally well.

We also ensure our children acquire the necessary tools to be successful citizens of the 21 century and active participants in life in modern Britain. Our values, blended with a mixture of Gospel values, Democratic values and Learning attributes, guide our children’s personal, spiritual, moral as well as social and cultural development: Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Resilience, Curiosity and Aspiration.

We are determined our children are prepared for challenges and opportunities in their lives by giving them grounding in their learning and strong values forming their character. These values are experienced throughout our everyday school life.



St Vincent’s Catholic Primary is a special school where the Gospel Values underpin everything we do. “We live, love and learn with Christ.”


Our fabulous children are reflective learners who desire to achieve their very best and indeed excellence. Our curriculum, together with outstanding teaching and learning is a strong driver of social mobility. At St Vincent’s, no child is left behind, we can all succeed. This is evidenced on our exceptional standards at the end of Year 6 when, in fact, many of our children will move to elite grammar schools.

We use the National Curriculum and believe that our children deserve it to be tailored to their needs.  With this in mind, we have prioritised the things we want our children to enjoy, experience and remember during their time with us. We have embedded on our long and medium term plans, strategies to ensure we alter the long term memory. We aim for our children to know more, remember more and do more.

Our curriculum is designed with our students and the local community in mind. It enables children to access and expand their understanding of their homes, their local area and the wider community. We develop their cultural capital and give them opportunities and choices about their future. We enable our students to reflect about their impact in their world and their environment as they progress through their school days and beyond.


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