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At St Vincent’s we celebrate three key events: Fairtrade Fortnight, Earth Day and International week. Below are some examples explaining the importance of the events and the things we have done in classes to celebrate:

Earth Day 2024 - Planet vs Plastic

This year the theme of Earth day is centred around the effect of plastics and how to reduce our use of plastics. Children from reception to year 6 learnt about the long term impacts on our oceans from plastic use.

Year 1 and 2 read the book 'The Tale of a Toothbrush' by M.G. Leonard and completed activities around the story.

Year 3 and 4 read Neal Layton's 'Planet Full of Plastic' and identified the problems with plastics and debated on whether they should be banned or not.

Year 5 and 6 investigated in more depth the long term effect of plastics and actively took part in a mock debate over the effects of plastics on a seaside town'.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022/2023

The theme this year was ‘The Future of Food’. Children first identified the different places we source our food from and then looked at how particular food is grown e.g. chocolate, bananas and coffee. As well as this they identified the problems that farmers face due to the challenges of climate change, what climate change is and what fairtrade means. The three main focus points of learning were:

  1. To understand the future of food and endangered foods
  2. To understand what climate change is and how it affects farmers
  3. To understand that we can make a difference through our choices to help farmers.

As a school we created a ‘Forest of Promises’ tree to visually represent the promises that the children have chosen to make; to help preserve the Earth for future generations.

Earth Day 2022/2023

The theme of Earth Day this year was ‘Invest in our Planet’. We acknowledged the importance of this day by learning about the different ways the Earth provides resources to us and the effects of overusing these resources, as well as understanding ways to prevent further damage to our environment.

International Week 2022/2023

Each class had a specific country to learn about, and this was showcased in an assembly at the end of the week, where children all came into school dressed in traditional attire of a country or to represent a country.

Reception: Ireland

Year 1: France

Year 2: Kenya

Year 3: Italy

Year 4: Hawaii

Year 5: Peru

Year 6: Indonesia

Children all learnt about the physical and human geography of each country, as well as the culture, religion and languages spoken.



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