Religious Education (RE)

Catholic Social Teaching is based around the Church’s belief that we can all make a difference in making our world a better place for all. These teachings are rooted in Scripture and especially in the teachings of Jesus found in the Gospels. Christ shows us how to walk in his footsteps, bringing love and care to those both near and far. It is our vocation to live as Jesus and saints throughout the ages, bettering our world for everyone.

The Catholic Church has seven principles of social teaching that we will explore in school, just like our school values. Throughout your child’s spiritual journey at St. St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, we explore these principles through our curriculum, charitable events, assemblies and through our everyday actions.

These seven principles are:

Dignity of the human person

As St Vincent’s we recognise the human dignity of others by treating others equally, treating everyone with respect, thinking about civil rights and understanding that each and every one of us is made in God’s image.


At St Vincent’s we show solidarity by praying for others, making responsible social choices, standing alongside one another; especially those that are vulnerable, writing to our local leaders and making connections.

The common good

At St Vincent’s we show common good by working together as a community, including everyone and by participating and engaging.

Option for the poor

At St Vincent’s we show a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable by fundraising for charitable causes, raising awareness, treating others with dignity and respect and thinking of the needs of others.

Stewardship of God’s Creation

At St Vincent’s we take responsibility for our environment, making environmentally responsible choices and having awe and wonder for the natural world.


At St Vincent’s we can bring peace by turning away from conflict, using our School Gospel Values, being kind to one another, following our School rules and building positive relationships with others.

Dignity of Work

At St Vincent’s we can recognise the dignity of work by respecting all workers, contributing to society, making responsible economic choices, helping with well-being and sharing our talents with others.


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