School Council

Our school council was formed in 2003 to give our students a forum to speak and to ensure their voice is heard.

The council is a democratically elected group of pupils who represent their peers and enable students to become partners in their own education, making a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos.

The council meetings are run formally with an agenda, minutes, a chair, vice-chair and secretary. Classes from Year 2-6 are represented by 2 elected members. The class representatives speak to their class and then to the council. Following meetings they report back to their classes.

Over the years they have changed the décor in parts of the school, purchased games for playtimes, put forward ideas for school lunches and most recently obtained funding from the PTA to buy books for their classrooms. At present they are investigating the possibility of class pets looking at the care arrangements and responsibilities involved. During their investigation they will need to write to parents and collate the responses before a decision can be taken.

When inspectors visit the school it is the school council that they want to speak to.

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