Computer Technology

computer technology


We aim to equip pupils with computing skills to maximize potential through Purple Mash, promoting resilience, independence, critical thinking, communication skills and problem solving. We want pupils to be responsible digital citizens who understand there are choices in technology use. We recognize computing unlocks pathways for inquisitive individuals and provides balance of structure and canvas for sharing learning creatively. We understand accessibility opportunities of hardware/software creates equality and our knowledge rich curriculum aims to cultivate a community of computer-skilled scientists. 


We use Purple Mash scheme of work addressing the National Curriculum across KS2, covering computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Pupils learn to design, write and debug programs accomplishing goals including controlling/simulating systems; use sequence, selection, repetition; work with variables and input/output; generate inputs/outputs to test programs. They understand computer networks and internet services; use search engines effectively and evaluate digital content responsibly. Digital Leaders strengthen coverage through a pupil-led coding and blogging club at lunchtimes that helps develop confidence and leadership skills.


We encourage enjoyment and reflection on computing's impact, finding the right tech life balance for effective learning and health. Cross-curricular computing helps build good habits for next stages of life. We ask the 'why' not just 'how' to explore objectives deeply through discussion and appreciation of computing's effects. Observing learning regularly, early intervention if needed, reviewing skills in Purple Mash. Progress measured through outcomes and record of coverage in document folders/saved content. The way pupils showcase, share and publish work shows impact.


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